WordPress 5.8 and Beyond

WordPress 5.8 has arrived!

So, what can we expect and what should you know if you’re running a WordPress installation and considering upgrading to 5.8?

For the answer to that question and more, we turn to Kristen Wright over at iThemes, where she has compiled an excellent summation of what WordPress 5.8 brings – which is a plethora of improvements and features to the WordPress block editor, along with a few new features specifically for developers.

Click here to read all about the new version and how it sets the stage for future upgrades still planned for 2021.

Kristen has been writing tutorials to help WordPress users since 2011. You can usually find her working on new articles for the iThemes blog or developing resources for WPprosper. Outside of work, Kristen enjoys journaling (she’s written two books!), hiking and camping, cooking, and daily adventures with her family hoping to live a more present life.