Email List Cleansing Strategy

If your business relies on excellent email marketing campaigns to generate site traffic and grow client revenue, then you need to understand the importance of a good email list cleaning strategy to ensure the email campaigns you send out are meeting you and your client’s goals. A bad email subscriber list can mean all the difference between a good (or even great) open rate, and dismal results that can cost you and your client’s money.

Read this excellent article by Eric Shanfelt with eMedia Strategist on the Publishing Executive website. This is something I have been telling my own clients for years, and in fact, I’m actually working with a client now to help them bite the bullet, make some tough decisions, and clean up their lists to help improve their open rates – which have dropped over the years from an industry average 20% to as low as 8% or worse. Eric clearly defines the importance of regular email subscriber list cleaning, the impact it has on website traffic and revenue, and what can happen when you ignore it for too long – along with an easy strategy to get you started.